About Me


So what’s with the name Rubie Soho? A friend of mine first introduced me to the song Rubie Soho in Jr. High and it’s stuck as one of my nickname’s ever since. I don’t know why they put so ho in there.  Maybe they’re saying Rubie was such a Ho (I hope not), but I like to think it’s just a reference to the artsy, hip, areas of London and New York.

I’m just a young gal living in Salt Lake City, Utah, going  to school for Interior Design, and working as a Home Stylist at the local West Elm.  I live with my husband, Andy and our sweet corgi mix, Wanda in a small apartment in a big old polygamist house from the 1800’s in the Avenues.

This blog is a place for my loves and creations and thoughts and aspirations.  I’m rather lazy by nature so hopefully this can also be a pusher for me to get all the half started projects I have done! Shoot me a message if you like what you see or want to collaborate!  I’m always looking for new friends 🙂