Create + Cultivate, AKA: Rubie get’s Real.

When we were all in Elementary school the question was “What do I want to be when I grow up?”  Does anyone else feel like that’s not actually a realistic life question at all?!  Ok, I admit that statement is a bit unfair.  There are some kids who say: “I want to be a fireman, or a doctor or a oceanographer (<my profession of choice in 6th grade), and they could grow up to “be” those things.  But life is long! (in some ways) and constantly changing and while you could “be” something, aka be in generally the same career your entire life, you still have different phases in there.  Whether those are part of your career or not doesn’t really matter.  My cousin is a Fireman, but if you ask him what he’s most excited about right now it’s that he’s taught himself how to play the bagpipes and is giving performances!

When I think ahead at my life there isn’t one thing I want to “be”, and I feel like that’s the way most of us feel deep down because we all desire and need change in our lives.  Right now I’m a West Elm Home Stylist, and have a little Instagram/blogging hobby on the side and I LOVE it, but in a year I could be doing something different and just as happy.

IMG_0170So, real goals. I’d love to get better at documenting my projects/style/designing so I can start getting jobs doing interior design/event planning.  I took a big and scary step towards that a couple months ago by signing up for a Creative Digital Content conference happening in LA next weekend. It cost a pretty penny that I’m still not sure I can afford, but I’m so excited about it.  It’s easy to let the fear talk and say it might not turn into anything huge, or I’m wasting my money, but that’s not I want my life to be about.  I want my life to be about change, and experiences, and happiness.

I’m also looking for people willing to let me create for them, whether it be helping you design a space you’ve been not-so-much-loving, help design a shoot, or style a party/shower/small event you have coming up. I’m cheap (cough* free, cough*) and want to make your life a little easier and more beautiful.

lemme know 😉


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