DIY Earring Holder

DIY Jewelry Holder

So stud earrings are the best… except when it comes to storing them.  I’ve tried a bunch of different approaches.  My favorite one before now was to have them pinned into a ribbon hanging from the wall. That was fun and pretty, but now that I have more on my wall I want to free up that space.

So I found this pretty little basket at the DI (goodwill for you out of Utahers) and decided to jimmy-rig it into earring storage.  I grabbed a box of pencils I had on hand.  My glue gun, and some grey felt from the store.

diy project

Cut the pencils to size.  Really this would feel more legit and professional if I used something besides broken pencils, but owe well.

Anchor the pencil to a piece of felt you’ve cut to length with  the hot glue then just roll till it’s as thick as you want it and finish it off with another line of glue.

DIY project

My box was a little deeper than I wanted it so I filled the bottom with more felt until it was high enough. Hot glue each piece as you put it into place.

DIY EArring holder

If you’ve cut the pencils to tightly fit in the box it’s almost like you don’t need to glue them, but just in case.

MAke your own Jewelry storage DIY earring Tray

As you’ve probably guessed this storage only works if you don’t keep the earring backs of each stud as you poke each earring into the space between the felt.  To me this just meant another way to declutter by getting rid of all but a few of my earring backs.  Just a couple soft plastic ones, and a couple metal and I can interchange them between all the earrings I have instead of keeping each one.

diy earring storage diy jewelry storage

That pretty flower box was another thrifted find.  It used to hold bath salts or something like that.  It has a great vintage grandma smell. 🙂 and is perfect for holding my bangles, big stud earrings, and odds and ends. DIY earring storage

I really like the idea of being able to close the lid on this and travel with it.  I hate having to pick and plan what earrings I’m going to wear when I got on a trip, and I always end up storing them in a baggie where they get banged up and tangled. This way I can just take them all!

DIY Jewelry Holder

This all took me just a little under an hour while watching Marie Antoinette.  You could do the felt roll thing with any container you like as long as it isn’t too deep.

What are your favorite ways to store jewelry?


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