Floral Themed Birthday Party

So this post is a long overdue.  About a month ago I threw (with a lot of help) one of the most feminine and fabulous of parties.  And it was so much fun!!

The party was to celebrate my Beautiful Grandmother’s 87th birthday.  My Grandma Charmaine has been one of the most important women of my life and a few months back as I was thinking about all the love and wisdom and beauty she’s brought into my life I wanted to do something special to let her know how much I love her.  A birthday party came into form and as I thought of her amazing beauty inside and out I remembered her teaching me how to make flower babies when I was young with flowers and toothpicks.   Thus the Floral Garden party theme was born.

Not everything I wanted to do came together perfectly,  but The finished product had all the feelings of love and joy and friendship that I was hoping for.

garden party invites

My sister Chloe made these amazing invites to get everyone pumped.  garden brunch tent

We set up in my mom’s gorgeous backyard.  We created a perfect shaded brunch area with a simple canopy and umbrellas that we draped insane amounts of gauze over!


brunch outdoor canopy

Low cushions and tables make me happy. We made these tables with plain folding tables but stood them up on blocks of wood from those campfire packs you can get at grocery stores.

garden party brunch

The decor was mainly flowers, but we also added in plenty of floral blankets, cushions, and other plants.

floral banner

My mom printed out this beautiful floral banner.

floral garden brunch food

Our brunch included sandwiches, scones, muffins, mango salsa, a floral salad and rose cream puffs with candied rose petals.rose cream puffs with candied rose petals

These were definitely my favorite.  I based mine off of this recipe.

floral brunch food

floral ice cubes

Strawberry Lemon Water with Flower Ice Cubes.

floral painted fondant cake

So I went a little nuts on the cake.  This was my first attempt at fondanting a cake. I painted some watercolor flowers on it with food coloring and sprinkles. I did orange blossom and pistachio olive oil cake for the layers.

painted floral cake

flower crowns

For the party activities, we recited poetry, sang Grandma’s favorite song “To a Wild Rose” and all said what we loved about Grandma or a favorite story.  Then we played with flowers! Flower crowns, flower necklaces, flower rings, and flower dolls.

flower party flower doll floral rings

If you’ve never made flower dolls or flower babies before, all you need are flowers and toothpicks or maybe some floral wire.  Hollyhocks are usually the traditional flower you use, but you can really make them with any flower you like.

flower dolls flower dolls

flower crown dahlia

floral birthday party

It was a perfect day and so much fun.  Happy birthday to my beautiful and amazing Grandma!

grandma and us


  1. I love this, it’s so pretty! I love the gauze that’s draped on everything! Where did you get so much, and at the risk of being gauche, how much was it? #weddingideas

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