Free Stylin Day

Today I had the day off.  As per usual I planned many productive and important things to do, and as usual instead I just lazed around, took a bath, read some, and went to goodwill (well, technically the DI but that translates to goodwill for any out-of-staters).

Since I didn’t have work, school, or any appointments, and since Andy was gone most of the day,  I was able to dress just and only for myself, my comfort and my enjoyment.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I usually take pleasure in getting dressed every day.  And the husband isn’t a monster who polices my clothing choices.  But there are these pants I adore that he detests.  He calls them my Mitt Romney dad pants.  So I only wear them when I’m not going to see much of him, or when I want to mess with him.  They’re glorious jeans.

I decided to attempt a couple style photos heading out the door since I have a nifty new Muku Shuttr from Christmas, and since I felt so fly.  I failed miserably at first and recorded three videos of me looking stupid while trying to look cute, and then failed more with my attempts at posing.  But there ya go.  First style post since I was in college.


Plus you get to see my sweet front door.


I bet your diggin that iPhone grain huh?


Also random fact: My laces are 2 colors because I was testing black laces to see if they would look more professional for work and never put them back. Now I just own it.


So while wasting time earlier today I did find what will probably be my new favorite website for fun threads.  It’s called StyleNanda, and I’m basically in love.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.21.08 PM


I spent some of the favorite travel days of my life in Seoul, a couple years ago and fell in love with South Korean style (and food and everything for that matter).  This site is the epitome of why I love it, lots of unique and can you say “weird” pieces and “off” silhouettes crafted together in a way that just screams confidence, creativity and casual elegance.




Each item on the site has at least 15 super cute images of these amazing ladies modeling it.  And some even funner shoot ideas like the ice cream below.



I don’t often buy clothes new.  But these guys have given me some looks I might want to imitate or even snag from them.



Check it out.  Here are some Jams I think would really complement a browsing of their wares:

Happy Tuesday

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