Jewelry Organization

DIY JEwelry DisplaySometimes you just need to make a change, and fast! So instead of planning out an elaborate or perfectly designed project,  you just look at what you have and hammer something out in an afternoon.

My jewelry storage has always been a mess.  I’ve cut it back a million times, and have given away tons of pieces, and I feel like my collection now is almost as pared down as it can be.  I really love all the pieces, but it was still a mess.

I’ve been using this gold tree necklace holder that I snagged for free when a store was closing.  It was alright except the necklaces would get tangled up in themselves and it was hard to see everything.  I want to be able to See Everything! I also had this weird handmade earring organizer I did a while ago which I don’t like at all anymore.
Jewelry storageSo I also had these D.I. (second hand store) Mirrors that I used to use before I got my huge and amazing Ikea mirror.  So I grabbed the one made of wood, and some cup hook screws I had left over from another failed jewelry organization attempt.
Thrifted MirrorDIY Jewelry ORganizerDIY Jewelry OrganizerDa-da-da-DAAA!  A new mirror Jewelry holder!
DIY Jewelry ORganizerOk so the hooks aren’t prefectly straight or spaced evenly, and I ran out of them before the end of the mirror.  but I’m still so happy with it!  First off I love having mirrors around.  They’re like the cheap always easy version of wall art.  And I can SEE all my pieces now! DIY Jewelry ORganizerDIY JEwelry DisplayDIY Jewelry HolderNext I need to replace my earring storage.  I like putting my studs in ring display cases.  It’s so easy to just shove them in the felt and they still look cute.  I’ll keep you posted. 😉


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