Mini LA Trip


This past weekend we took a very quick trip to LA.  We drove down from Salt Lake Friday, LA’d it Saturday, then drove back Sunday.  Our main event of the weekend was going to see a special showing of the husband’s all time favorite movie, Punch Drunk Love (check it out if you haven’t yet!). Before that though we had some fun.

I’ve always loved Los Angeles.  There’s something so raw and weird alongside all the beauty.  You know when certain places just fascinate and call to you, and you can’t explain why? That’s just one for me.



This trip I was dying over all the green and blooming vines and flowers.  It’s so different from the Salt Lake March where you’re just beginning to smell soil.

We stayed at a cute AirBnB near Echo park.  It had cacti and Wisteria in the backyard.



Brunch in Little Tokyo at the JiST cafe was so great! Duck Confit on top of a scallion flapjack, and Strawberry Lemon Pancakes. Man alive!

IMG_2278 IMG_2277




Had to go to Filmtools for the cameraman husband.  He spent it pining for monitors and deciding on screw sizes while I just admired the different colors of lights and gaff tape.


IMG_2283 Lunch in K-Town!  The Commissary at The Line Hotel is one of the coolest most beautiful places I’ve ever been!  Good looks, great music, and tasty food/drinks=cool vibrations.




A quick drive on Mullholland as the sun was setting and the night blooming jasmine was beginning to perfume the air was one of the most magical parts.  I just felt infused with life.



On to the movie which was spectacular!  I didn’t get any great pics of the theater because it was so dark, but man was The Ace something special.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.



The one thing I regret was not taking more photos of the beautiful plants.  But I was just so busy enjoying them with my eyes!

Quick Breakfast Tacos brunch with Friends Sunday morning before driving back through some really weird weather.  There were wild winds blowing across the desert kicking up dirt and sand.  One hit us hard right as we got out of our cars at a gas station, so we had to be gritty the rest of the way home.  Then came crazy snow around Cedar City, and we ended up taking 2 extra hours to get home.


Till next time LA.





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