Monsters Ball: 4 Fashion Takes On 4 Classic Monsters

With Halloween coming up quick I wanted to get into the spirit with some Monster inspired fashions.  LUCKILY I have lots of amazing friends to help me realize my dreams and we spent a day getting our spooky down. The Collaborators of  my dreams: Rachel Johanna Photography , Katy Leung on makeup and hair with Meg Shaver doing hair as well.  Plus my lovely models! Wanna meet them?!

We’ve got 4 lovely ladies for you and first up is: img_0421

My beautiful, and unbeknownst to me, neighbor, Kat accepted the role of Werewolf with full gusto! Werewolf costume

I didn’t want to go the usual flannel and fur route for the costume so this killer sequined shirt made a nice alternative. Werewolf glam here we are.Halloween costume sequinedWerewolf costume

That beautiful dog was just a little gift from the universe and from a friendly dog walker.


Up Next, our favorite awkward sewn together monster: Frankenstein costume

I had fun getting my alt punk version of Frankenstein.  Ripped sweatshirt, black leather, and sweet creepers.  Frankenstein styleenlight1

The hardware store provided me with some jewelry along with some stitched up accents.Frankenstein costume

My fellow interior design student Crimson (So aptly named) played my perfect vampire. VAMPIRE COSTUME

We decided to embrace pink and found THE perfect vampire party dress. VAMPIRE COSTUME VAMPIRE COSTUME DRESS

Awesome chair right?



And last but not least:

Witch dress

The Uber-lovely Kari modeled for this one.  The sweet but deadly woodland witch.


Ugh, the gorgeousness. We did this one in memory grove with all the happy couples doing engagement shoots.  I really hope some of them utilized the copious amounts of green smoke I filled the whole park with.enlight1 Witch dress


I’ll be posting more pics with the detail shots this week.


img_0430Love you all!


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