My Picks: Restoration Hardware Teen

SO, I feel like I need a disclaimer at the beginning of this post.  I have never actually bought anything from Restoration Hardware.  I’ve admired aspects of their style and specific pieces for a long time, but as I’m really only barely getting into the stage in my life where I buy furniture, they still seem a ways off for me.

Lots of their stuff isn’t my style at all, but they occasionally do have some really beautiful pieces that just make me swoon.

RH recently launched their teen line so I decided  to check it out.

Hence, the first My Picks Post:

Restoration Hardware Orbit Spitfire Chair

The Orbit Spitfire Chair: ($1439) Gawd this is Gorgeous.  I can just picture this in a perfectly cozy and minimalist white room.  I picture myself in this chair as a great big cat, all curled up in my comfort and majesty.

Hanging Wicker Chair

Hanging Wicker Chair: ($679) This chair is just as dreamy as the Orbit but in a different way (and for a much more affordable price point).  Teen Rubie would have gently swung in this wicker wonder, thinking deep thoughts perhaps writing some poetry or reading Virginia Wolfe.

Devyn Tufted Bed

Devyn Tufted Bed: ($varies) This one follows what seems to be the trend for RHTeen’s beds: tufted, and enclosed.  But I like the way this one is enclosed.  The open bottom isn’t something you see often in a bed.  I think it’d make this bed into it’s own cozy little space.  I would drape some soft fabric back and forth above it with intertwining twinkling lights and to sweeten those dreams.

Laila Mosaic Dresser

Laila Mosaic Dresser: ($1549) Now this is just beauty incarnate.  This is the furniture piece your mom gets you that you keep for the rest of your life.  You always find a place for it no matter where you end up.  You think back to your teens whenever you see it, and reminisce about all the beauty that was youth.

avalon desk

Avalon Desk: ($749) While most of the other desks on here seemed either way to big of just silly to picture an actual teen sitting at them working on some Scarlet Letter Essay.  This seems easier to deal with while still maintaining a simple elegance.


Hand Distressed Brass Round Mirror: ($469) Basically just a thing of beauty, although I wish they could get a picture of it with a reflection showing.

While I doubt any of these pieces will be making their way into my life anytime soon, it is just fun to look.  You never know what you’ll find even from a place that usually isn’t your style, or even if it’s meant for teenagers. 😉

Links in the photos.

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