One Room Challenge – A Bright and Cheery Living Room!

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Well hello hello helllloooooo there!

I haven’t been on this thing in quite a little while!  In fact if you look back just one post then you’ll be magically whisked back to 2016 when I did a fun Halloween shoot with some beautiful friends!  A lot has happened in the meantime and we have a sweet little house now to call our own.  We’re starting to really get moved in just in time to participate in the One Room Challenge!

If you haven’t heard of this yet then head over to their site for some truly awesome inspiration.  The one room challenge happens twice a year, where designers, stylists, and bloggers all take on 1 room each and completely transform it in 6 weeks time.

One room challenge guest participant

Our top priority for our new home is the front living room, so I’m focusing on that.  So let me introduce you to the space  with a little “Before tour”.


one room challenge before pic

Here’s a quick floorplan I did so you can see the spaces.  At first glance it seems pretty straight forward.  Bigger living area with a smaller dining square in the back.

But we’ve been thinking of flipping that around a bit.  Having the dining in the front half of the room, and creating a bit of a cozier living space coming out of the back area.  I feel like I’m making a little more work for myself that way.  But hopefully it will pay off with a really warm and inviting vibe.

Next week I’ll talk about some of the other stuff we’ve done and kind of where we’re headed.  But for now I’ll leave you with a few inspiration photos. design board

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