ONE ROOM CHALLENGE – Bedroom Week 1!

Well Hellloooooooo there!

I’m sitting outside right now with a chai/coffee blend, Vince Guraraldi playing on spotify, and wearing multiple shades of tan.  It’s fall and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

In fact I’m enjoying it so much that I’m still sort of only half decided on whether I’m about to do another One Room Challenge or not…

One room challenge guest participant

In case ya don’t know about the ORC, every spring and fall, 20 featured designers selected to participate in a 6-week challenge to decorate one room. Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home puts it together and is partnering with Better Homes and Gardens this time around. In addition to the featured designers, hundreds of other folks with blogs (Or just instagram!) join in on the challenge as Guest Participants like me. I participated this last spring and it really kicked my butt into high gear to do the living room of our new tiny cottage we recently purchased.

Finishing a whole room in 6 weeks is So Much Work… It’s difficult to commit to when all I wanna do is literally watch the leaves fall with one eye and watch the Great British Bake off reruns with the other.

BUT.  I hate our bedroom.  Why are bedrooms so hard??  Why does it always just feel like a jumble of furniture is just thrown in there?  And why is it so hard to get Andy on board with a remodel?  Bedrooms are just so easy to leave looking “meh”  You get in the bed and ruin it every night and have to make it every morning… Clothes get thrown on the floor, my closet continually gets disorganized.  Life is just constantly attacking my bedroom and so I always feel like I’m on constant defense.

So here’s where we’re at right now…

Our Ikea platform bed was a lifesaver in our tiny apartment with it’s four wide drawers, but now I only use one of mine for socks/leggings, and andy’s side is totally unused.  I really want a bed with a headboard and one that’s floating a bit up off the floor.

Our 2 mismatched but perfectly matched inherited dressers.  I love both of these and want to keep them…. but figure out a better arrangement.  My 5 drawer tallgirl is especially difficult to place, and also has a broken wheel I need to fix…

Our oddly placed windows which have that weird tiling on the base that I hate and metal blinds that make me want to kill because they’re impossibly unfunctional and don’t keep out light at all.

Our his and her closets which are not set up very well, and could fit so much more into them if we could figure it out right…  I think I’d really like to turn these into one big closet (that I could semi-hog) but Andy wants to spend as little money as possible on this room so I’d have to do all the labor myself… (eek!)

Zero nightstands.  I would like a nightstand please! 

Better lighting (can you say cozy and comfy and sexy?)

Possibly different paint color.  I like this blue… but I’m not opposed to something different. OR some sort of accent wall/molding/architectural detailing that will bring more character in.

All the styling.

Here’s a quick mood board of some ideas/inspiration driving me to get this done.  So I’m just gonna post this quietly here and think long and hard about how much I hate this room vs.  how much I don’t want to do any work outside of work for the next 6 weeks.  I’ll let you know what I decide 😉



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