One Room Challenge – Bedrooooom week 2

Ok a week has gone by… and not much has gotten accomplished in the challenge over here at casa Baker.  I had a quick bout of activity right after deciding to do the this where we ripped out our disgusting old metal blinds and installed white Levoler cellular shades instead.   But since then I’ve just been waffling back and forth on decisions all week.

The design is based almost entirely around a painting I scored second hand for $10.  Subject? Lower Yellowstone Falls. Colors? All my faves. Size? HUGE.

I’m obsessed with it and you should be too.  vintage landscape I wanna work off that to create a cozy, luxurious and somewhat rustic (?) vibe as if I were designing a super hip boutique hotel near Old Faithful.  I’ve always loved that “cool california” design vibe that Em Henderson and Amber Lewis have, but I want to adapt that a little more to the Utah’s mountainous/ western landscape without going too cabin/western/cowboy.  I’m thinking, warm, moody, and woodsy with natural elements and touches of luxury… plus green.

Here’s the design board I came up with. 

Lot’s of these items are things I already have.  Like Andy’s dresser, the painting, the duck lamp, the bedding etc.  Some are things I still need to figure out.  Like this bed and rug which I love so much, are currently backordered until after the challenge would be over :/ And the wall, which is a limewash paint, might end up being a different enough color in person to warrant needing different curtains.

Oh ya did you just notice I said LIMEWASH PAINT?  Never done that before, we’ll see how that goes.

This kind of stuff seems like it will all be relatively easy to figure out but the general room layout (And the possible closet reno) are giving me huge headaches.

We have a tiny bedroom with very annoyingly placed windows.  Like I want to rip out my hair along with the window annoying.  I’ve looked at lots of “how to deal with off center windows” posts and most of them involve an inordinate amount of drapes and possibly a “fake” window.








I don’t really want to do either of these, But I like the idea of just trying to play balancing acts visually like Brady Tolbert did here with his sconce,  and Ellie Campbell did with her tall dresser.

Maybe just a few well placed pieces of art will suffice,  or maybe a long arm sconce like Brady is rocking above.

Here are a few really crappy sketchup models I made to try and visualize.  

I found these adorable vintage bubble sconces that are only $30 for the pair here in Utah that I could use for pic 1.

BUT how weird is it that I want to mount a sconce below a window?? TOO weird that I would have to close my curtains OVER my sconce???? I can’t decide… It might be a little weird in practice… but in looks ok?

I have no idea where I’d find a beautiful long arm sconce for pic 2, but I do like that it adds more drama to the room, and makes it feel more modern.  I could potentially see Andy (who HAS to sleep on that side of the bed) not loving that thing…

Is that even the best place for the bed?  I just don’t know…  But I think that’s the one I like the best… so that’s what I’m working with for now…

So.  Is this week’s update even an update since I haven’t really decided/done anything?  I say yes!  because at the beginning of a project this is just what you have to do,  THINK LONG AND HARD for hours and hours, imagining, and visualizing, and problem solving until you get somewhere you feel ready to move forward in…



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  1. OMG THE UNCENTERED WINDOWS. I have spent hours looking for how to deal! I’m dealing with it in the challenge too! I found this reference and both a friend and I used it as inspiration to use art to balance the window. They really embraced the wall as an asymmetrical composition.

    I super love the inspiration/mood and room idea you’re on! And the sconces – super great! What if you mounted them to the headboard and then the curtains could drape behind it:

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