One Room Challenge Week 2: ALL THE MISTAKES?

My mom has told me this story a couple times:

They just built their dream home.  My mom, in her creative, stylish way, decides to paint each room in the house a different color, instead of the prerequisite beige.  She picked, pale green for the front living room, and a light blue for the dining kitchen, a dark navy in the hallway, nothing I’d describe as extreme.  But once she had the whole upstairs painted, she sat down on the staircase, looked at it all and started hyperventilating, horrified at what she’d done.

The other day Andy and I were looking at a fabric swatch for the sofa we placed an order for, and I seriously thought I was gonna throw up, horrified at what I had done.  THIS HAPPENS TO EVERYONE RIGHT?

Am I the only one who feels paralyzed with indecision half the time, and full of second guesses the next???  For so long I was waiting and waiting for my own home so I could stop renting and finally “do it right”.  I was certain that once I was a home owner I would get slapped in the face with inspiration and create an amazingly designed room, no sweat.  And it definitely felt like that at first.  I just layed awake all night thinking up these great ideas. I was a creative genius. Ideas and dreams and hopes were just a flowin all the time. A wall of shelves with a built in bench on the back wall where I could lay in the sunlight of the afternoon and read, a wallpapered ceiling with golden clouds on it to lay on the rug and look up at, a pink accent wall to flatter everyone’s skin tone, a green velvet sofa that turned into a bumper chaise at just the right spot to not cover the large window I love so much, I had it all worked out!

We took a couple steps and I’m totally unsure. But I started this challenge so I have to keep going! So here’s what we did.

We couldn’t afford the wallpapered ceiling because we realized we have to pay taxes (Andy is freelance, so instead of getting a return, we pay it all at once.  It’s the absolute worst). So we painted it Sweet as a Peach by SW instead.  

Sweet as a peach sherwin williamsI think I love it.  I’m still figuring it out.  It’s bright and fun and pink during the day, and sort of a moody terracotta at night.

We have a record player on our Modern Buffet and wanted to house/expand our record collection nearby (yes we’re that hip).  And I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more in the afternoon sunlight that read, so we decided to do full shelves.

The Ikea Kallax shelves are the perfect dimensions to hold Vinyls so we picked that, and a “New and Exciting” grey faux walnut color won us over at the store.

Now having it in the room, I wonder if it’s all too much. The mass of squares feels a little overpowering and rigid… and I’m sort of cringing about how fake the faux wood looks next to our beautiful floors.  But Andy loves the way the grey looks with the pink wall, and also loves the idea of not having to return these and build new shelves… so we’re at a bit of a standstill.

I originally wanted this Valencia Sofa from West Elm, and as I mentioned before.  I loved the idea of the bumper chaise sticking out underneath our large low window.  I have this mental image in my head of me laying flat out on it with my head on that chaise end, just soaking up sunshine.  I tried to photoshop a mockup of it (HA).

Then… the day I was going to buy it IT WENT OUT OF STOCK.  And I was all sorts of upset and we ended up ordering this Eddy instead even though I had those vomitous (word?) feelings about the fabric swatch. (In reality, it’s a totally great and wonderful fabric.  I just hated it in our room.)

So then I started planning things with the grey couch in mind and changing the style a bit, and THE VALENCIA CAME BACK. and I was paralyzed with indecision once again.  I know, this is a riveting story and you’re totally not thinking I’m just a brat with ridiculous first world problems, but this is our home… and I really want it to be wonderful.

So I took my own advice that I always used to say to people when they told me they were debating between a colored sofa and a grey one.  Try to think of your favorite sofa, one you have feelings for.  If one jumps to mind, it probably wasn’t grey. I know that’s not the most foolproof advice out there, and there are many beautiful neutral sofa’s. But my favorite couch in the world is this wonderful orange velvet sectional my Grandma has in her den. This is the best picture I have of it.

The Eddy was cancelled and the Green is back on.

Now I’m working on layouts for the room (probably should have done that first). and am all frustrated with myself again.

These are just a few I’ve done.  I think I like the last one the best.  Where the shelves are flipped from where they are now (of course, more work).

But who knows what’s going to happen next.  Once my mom stopped hyperventilating on her stairs, she filled the painted rooms with furniture and they stayed blue and green and wonderful. So I probably just need to chill out.

Don’t forget to check out other projects people are doing for the One Room Challenge! See you next week.One room challenge guest participant


  1. I can totally relate! I’m an interior designer and I can create a room for a client so easily, but when it comes to my house…Lord have mercy, I can’t make a decision to save my life. It is going to look great, I can feel it! Best of luck during your ORC!

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