One Room Challenge Week 3 – On The Verge

This week not a on has happened for the One Room Challenge in my space.  Other than lots and lots of browsing.  The above pic shows what a lot of my “Designing” has looked like.  Just scrolling away on my phone, with Wanda in my lap.

I’ve roamed and roamed the interwebs trying to find the perfect pieces for the space that fit in our very tight budget.  My main sources have been classifieds and Facebook Marketplace, but it’s hard trying to do a room in a time crunch like that.

Luckily, I work at West Elm so I got the bigger items (Couch, dining table, light) there with my employee discount, and the West Elm Credit Card (Hello financing!)  But for everything else I’m scrounging.  When I add everything up we’ve already spent I sort of want to throw up a little.

For the sake of transparency here’s what we’ve got:

$100 – Piano Movers for our Antique Pioneer Piano Andy’s mom gifted us.

$520 – Andersen Dining Table (I really wanted to find an old table on KSL but haven’t had any luck, and this one expands to seat 10!)

$800 – Valencia Sofa (Includes Shipping, UGH)

$512 – Austin Swivel chair (The Best Thing I’ve ever bought. SO COMFY)

$100 – Geo Shade Pendant

$35   – 3 Dining Chairs from Ksl (<KSL is the Utah Version of Craigslist. That’s only $11 a chair!)

$266 – Ikea Shelves

$450 – Popcorn Ceilings Demo’d (I feel pretty good about this since I was quoted $3000-$6000 to have those done professionally.)

$101  – Paint (I’m not counting the couple of gallons of green I bought earlier thinking we’d go that direction… I’ll use those on something else.)

Added all together we’re at $2884, which is scary all together.  But a bunch of that is gonna be split up into monthly payments so I’m not totally panicking yet.

modern buffet west elmThings I still need to decide on:

  1. -Curtains/shades/whatever!
  2. Rug!
  3. Coffee Table!
  4. More Dining Chairs! (to mix with the 3 ish I already have)
  5. Dining Table Light!
  6. Art! (I already have some things I’ll need to pick between, but I really want to expand that a bit to fit the new colors.  I laid everything I’m thinking about out onto my floor to visualize,  but I think it’s going too tropical.  
  7. Side tables/ottomans
  8. Sconce for bookshelves/reading area
  9. Throw Pillows!
  10. Cushion fabric for the Bench Seat!
  11. Plants and Pots!

shelfieOur Sofa is coming Friday, Which I think will help make a lot of decisions once we have that in the space.

I’ll do another post tomorrow with some style options I’m thinking of.  I’d love your guys’ input on some of the decisions!  Time is ticking away for me to finish things here so I’m feeling the pressure hard after this week of relatively little change.

Don’t forget to check out other One Room Challenge participants and projects.  It’s such a cool thing to follow along! One room challenge guest participant



  1. You are awesome and your house is great and everything is going to look Stupendous! Like we’ve talked about, I can’t imagine actually making these decisions and purchases in real life and I am so impressed with what you have done already! Can’t wait to see it in a few months!!!!!!!!

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