One Room Challenge Week 4: Are we There Yet??

So I know I’m not quite doing this One Room Challenge blogging thing how it’s normally done.  I apologise if there is anyone who comes over here from the ORC website or from my Instagram, looking for advice or ideas or inspiration on how to DIY something, or renovation progress pics.  This has sort of just been me journaling the emotional process of putting your first real room in your first real home together.

As a creative person (which I’d like to think of myself as) I feel like projects are always a weird dichotomy of flowing sparks or inspiration and moments of understanding, mixed with the constant bitter twinges that you’re not doing it right.  I’ve

I’m trying to get way too deep here haha.  This is turning into old college Rubie’s blogspot with interiors attached.

Anyway.  I am so so impressed by all the amazing work people are putting into their rooms, and I know mine just requires furnishing  (And taking off asbestos popcorn ceilings, why didn’t I write about that?!) and I’m so happy with what we’ve done so far.  Andy and I are both working more than full time and even though 6 weeks sounds like a long time, it’s not ha.

THE SOFA CAME!  Of course I went into the usual instant panic mode as soon as it got here, but it flipped over to absolute adoration pretty quickly.  green velvet sofa

I named her Val because she’s called the Valencia at West Elm, and she feels just a little 80’s to me. I just keep singing “Isn’t she lovely” to her. green velvet target pillow ikea shelves

We realized once we got her in the space that the bookshelf location wasn’t working with it.  It just felt off balanced, and we wanted to have a bench seat for more of a conversational layout in the room.  remember this layout I drew?  

I love the shelves over here closer to the window.  It pulls more light into them so the whole room is a little brighter, plus I can put a ton of little plants on the shelves now and they’ll get better light.  green velvet sofa pink walls

Andy and I argued for a while about bumping out the bench to make it deeper, but We ended up just finding some cute cushions at World Market to put on it and it’s a nice little shelf seat now, perfect for perusing records.

I finally picked out some roman shades (much to Andy’s deepest pleasure).  Those are coming in Wednesday so get ready for that.

I’ve been shopping for dining chairs.  I love the look of these miss matched sets.  Em Henderson (who I love, of course, who doesnt?) highlighted these in a new trend roundup as Shaker/Farmhouse/windsor chairs around a big beautiful table.  I really wanted to find such a table, but I also wanted something that could be expandable.  We don’t really have a ton of space, but on some random evening I want to be able to invite my parents and siblings over for pizza and have all of us sit together.  So I went with The Anderson Table from West Elm and want to get only thrifted chairs around it. I like the shaker/farmhouse windsor look, because it’s just SO classic,  like 1750’s classic.  But I also like weird things with interesting shapes/character traits.

These are some sweet options I’ve seen: antique dining chair antique dining chair vintage vintage antique rams head chair  I love these crazy rams head ones,  but multiple people have called them spooky, and I can’t tell what they mean by that.

  vintage cane back dining

I bought 3 of these last ones, $35 for all 3.  I still like the caning but I’m not positive about the black seat.  And I’m not sure how to mix others in with them.

The Dining Light is giving me a headache.  I have a light I’m absolutely in love with… but it’s way out of price range (and time frame for that matter) It’s so beautiful though right? 

So I’m wondering if theres anyway I could make something like it.  I’ve seen people make light fixture with copper piping from Home Depot.  (Vintage revivals in the queen of this) But it’s the curves that I love so much here and I’m not sure how to get that right.  we’ll see…

I also like the idea of using Terra Cotta pots as shades.  Like so: terra cotta pot light fixtureterra cotta light fixture

I’ve always been in love with these lights from Rejuvenation.  But again… budget urgh.  rejuvenation pendant lights

Let me know if you have any light or chair ideas.  I’m still looking for the rug, coffee table, ottoman, and working on the gallery wall.  Heres a sneak peak.  

We’ll get there guys I promise.  😉

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