One Room Challenge Week 6- BIG REVEAL!

one room challengeOK OK OK. We’re done!!

I can’t believe 6 weeks are over!  This room is so different than it once was and IT IS SO WONDERFUL!  Gratitude up the wazoo happening over here.

One room challenge guest participant

Alright so recap.  If you’re new the One Room Challenge is hosted by Calling it Home with House Beautiful and Home Love Network. It’s a 6 week challenge to makeover one space in yours or a clients home. The challenge happens twice a year in the spring and fall with 20 featured designers but the challenge is open to anyone with a blog who wants to participate.  We bought our first home in March and I was struggling to figure out what to start on first when I heard about the challenge.  It was perfect timing.  So for the last 6 weeks I’ve spent most of my time outside my full time job working on our front living/dining room and have been updating once a week.

I missed posting last week because things just got too crazy, and I’m sort of shocked that I managed to get this final reveal up today (even if  it’s a bit late in the day) since last night my room looked like this: 

  Anyways lets start from the very beginning. When we bought this little granny house in Rose Park, just outside downtown Salt Lake City, this room was probably the biggest draw for me.  It had huge sunny windows and beautiful wood floors.  But it also had asbestos popcorn ceilings and old wallpaper and a semi difficult floor plan.  Here are the Before’ room challenge before pic


So the plan was, play up the warmth and the sunshine, provide lots of seating for friends… books, music, plants, etc.


pink walls painted ceiling green velvet couch

Here’s Wanda enjoying her new favorite corner of our beautiful rug.

And here’s me looking particularly pleased with myself with my outfit that matches the decor.

pink walls pink ceiling

Alright what do I talk about?  The challenges?  Alright challenges: Time and Money. I sourced most of our furniture from West Elm because I work there and therefore: Discount.  I got these core furniture pieces out of the way as soon as I could and worked on finding the other elements.

Our Shelves are Kallax from Ikea. They’re perfect for fitting both books and Vinyls and we converted one section of them into  bench for more seating.

shelf bench seatbench seat gallery wall

Ok so this gallery wall above the bench seat and the buffet gave me a bit of a headache.  I reworked it multiple times and knocked way too many holes into the walls.  But I’m mostly happy now with how it turned out.  Almost all the art pieces were things we either already had or made.  That sweet oversized Alice In Wonderland print, I got from The Vintage Market Days last week.  It’s printed on Burlap.

gallery wall pink bench

The artwork hanging above my beautiful green velvet couch,(her name is Val), is actually a screen print my Grandma made from a drawing I did when I was just a little tyke.  

Most of the living space is in the back part of the room, but up towards the front next to the entrance to the kitchen is Andy’s great grandma’s piano.  This is probably the part of the room I think could still use some more work… But I’m not sure what.  Probably a better big piece of artwork over the piano… or possibly some wallpaper at some point???

I ADORE this antique chair I found at that vintage market.  I’m gonna have it looked over but I think it’s legit old.  I love it next to our inherited piano.

antique chair 1700s

Ok so the Dining area was all sorts of challenging. Again I got the table from West Elm.  It expands to seat 10-12 and is solid wood!  I’m beyond excited.

vintage dining chairs

The chairs I got piece by piece after looking forever on classifieds.  I found so many great chairs for sale, but missed out on a bunch of them because I didn’t have a car at the time to go pick them up. I ended up with 2 matching pairs and a random other.  I’m going to keep looking for others to add along the way.

That cactus art was a gift from a friend, and the other is actually a rug swatch turned wall hanging.

The pendants over the dining table aren’t my absolute favorite and aren’t hard wired, but I like the white a lot.  Eventually I think I’d like to switch those out, but for now, they’re there and I have light over my table.

There are a few other things like the pendant lights, that I’m not 100% in love with, but the overall result is overwhelmingly wonderful.  I’m so so happy to have this room complete.  I’m also excited to keep adding little details to the room (and more and more plants!)

Wanda likes it too.  

Thanks so much for stopping by and following along.  Now that this is finished I’ll have to start a new project and will keep you updated.  I’m thinking… Patio?!?!




  1. I LOVE it! Like the colors, the choices, the plants, & I think your gallery wall is perfect! Very clever use for a challenging space. Also, the ‘old & new’ antique & modern blend seamlessly together, and totally ‘work’ for the over-all space & effect. NOt cluttered but interesting elements through-out. Great job on this new inviting main room!

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