Paradise Patio Transforamtion

Well Helloooooo There!

Remember at the beginning of the summer when I was like: “I’m gonna get the patio done”? Ya well, a little over halfway through summer now and it’s “basically” there!

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There are still a few things I’d like to get done with it, but we got it in half decent shape for a housewarming a couple weekends ago and ever since then I’ve been spending a few hours out here every day, just lounging on the day bed, watching Wanda chase bugs, reading a book, or just looking at pretty bathroom projects on my ipad (next project?!?!)

If you guys read the last post, you know I was debating between a more tropical oasis vibe and something a little more traditionally gardenesque.  I think we ended up splitting the difference with the black walls and daybed.  I can switch out the pillows and other elements each season if I want, to change things up.bistro lights hanging plant

So here’s the breakdown.

Timewise, we probably spent about 2 weekends working on this.  It took a full day to paint the cinderblock wall black (Which was tiring and awful), and another full day for Andy (bless him) to paint the ceiling white.  We also spent a couple quick fun hours painting the concrete patio base a pale grey green.patio day bed transformation

We picked up a metal daybed I found someone selling online and threw a mattress Andy already had on it. I already had the concrete tile coffee table from the clearance section at West Elm. The rest of the stuff I bought in one evening at Target and Ikea. ok so it was an evening at 3 targets and Ikea.  DID YOU KNOW  when Target puts stuff on clearance (like all of the outdoor pillows I got and the set of chairs) that the clearance prices can be different from store to store??  I’m not sure if they change them depending on what they have in stock, or depending on the area of the target.  But the pillows I got were all between $4-7 at the Target in West Valley, and $14-15 at the Target in Holladay.

ANYWAY The patio is great. Even in this God Awful heat we’ve been having, it’s been so easy to enjoy.  My sweet old Jasmine that somehow survived 2 years in our apartment is happier outside in the sun and is blooming and making the whole place smell amazing.

I like to add some cuttings of the honeysuckle and hollyhock in the garden to a vase on the coffee table to add even more flower power.

The excess of pillows means that theres always a position you can get comfortable in, and I like to sit in the little wicker chairs when I need more light to read by.  They gently rock a bit since they’re legs are cantilevered and I like that a lot.


patio decor

Of course the bistro lights make it a dream in the evenings, bistro lights make just about anything a dream.

tropical patio bistro lights

patio bistro lights

This place isn’t making it easy for me to try to break with my homebody tendencies that’s for sure.  I just will never cease t be amazed at how much a little love thrown into a space can do for it.

And here’s the blessed before and afters together, because what’s more satisfying than that?

Love you all!

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