Patio Project

So the One Room Challenge is over! sniff* Sniff* And we are enjoying our new front room so much every day.  It’s been fun slightly adding a bit more and more even after the challenge is over.  It’s so easy now that I have a base I love.


Ok so I have a few “Next projects” coming up.  The main big one is going to be getting our back patio in order for summer time. I’m also going to be planning another spectacular birthday party for my beautiful soon to be 89 year old Grandma,  I’ve done a party for her each both last year and the year before. (you can check out the first year here). The other “project” that isn’t a project at all but is definitely taking up my brainwaves is a family Disneyland trip coming up!  IF you know me at all, you know how obsessed I am with Disneyland, it’s a problem. I’m literally watching Disneyland food youtubers right now to prepare.

Back to the patio We have a great space that came with the new house for a patio to work with, but right now it’s pretty much a disaster zone, equipped with dirt piles, spiderwebs, brown/tan paint, and random pieces of wood.  Here are some “before” pics.

This is the main area of the “Patio” basically it’ just a concrete slab next the garage, with the garage room overhanging it.

Pros: It’s going to be shady and cool all summer long. Theres enough area for a good seating spot, and it faces most of the yard so I can watch wanda run around a chase bugs. (her favorite pastime) It also faces the huge tree we have in the yard so the space in front of it will always be shaded as well.

CONS: It’s so dark… like I have to keep telling myself that I’ll like the shad once it’s July, because right now it’s almost chilly on warm days.  But more than that it’s dark and scary and covered with spiderwebs and dirt.  It also doesn’t seem like an ideal place for dining.

On the west side of the patio the concrete slab extends to the house… It’s ugly utility central over here. We keep the trash cans here because… there isn’t really anywhere else to keep them.  But I hate that you have to walk by them every time you want to go into the backyard. The air conditioning unit is also here.

To the east of the patio is my adorable garden shed, and just east of that is the chicken run and coops (We’re probably not going to do chickens this year, too much going on). I really want to make my garden shed adorable… and plant more flowers. 

Here’s the side view of the whole thing, complete with our random furniture brought over from the apartment or inherited.

I know, it’s gross.  But I feel like it can (and will!) be awesome!

K so Andy feels like all this needs are string lights and a cleaning and it’s good to go… I of course want to do a complete overhaul haha.  In fact I really want to redo most of the backyard… but we’ll see how much we can do.

I’m still struggling trying to decide what style I want the patio to be.  Part of me wants it to be a bright, colorful, energetic party spot, kind of like Dabito’s famous patio

Which is stunning. Obv.  But the other part of me wants something a bit calmer and more traditionally”Garden-y”

I just don’t know!  I do know there will be a lot of green in it, and that it will mostly be DIY’d and thrifted haha.  Garden furniture is so stinkin expensive.  It’s ridonculous.  I’d love to get a beautiful set or sectional.. but I’m honestly not sure how much I can fit in this patio anyway.   Here’s the layout right now.


I’m going to try to keep up the posting to at least once a week (I’ll keep it on thursdays like I did the One Room Challenge for now.)

Thanks for reading! Send any great budget DIY Patio tricks my way!!!


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