Picks of the Week: Utah Classifieds FREE STUFF ONLY

I can’t believe this is my second week in a row writing this post!  How amazing am I for consistency?!?!

This week in the Utah Classifieds I’m just talking about free stuff, because there’s surprisingly A LOT of good free stuff up for grabs right now.  Like so much that I almost don’t want to tell other people about it because I sorta want all of them.

A Whole Free Shed!


Seriously if I had any means of grabbing this and some help to take it apart/put it back together again, I probably would have to stop these blog posts because I would have somewhere to put all the random free stuff I want! This could just become a great little workshed!

This simple white slipcover style couch:


I have a feeling that the picture on this baby isn’t doing it justice.  I also predict that cozy casual sofas like this are going to be the next style. I’ve already seen them used in designs like this one by Studio Mcgee and it just makes me drool. couch

A bunch of beautiful Log slices! 2323737-1465935102-952548

There are a lot of random projects you can do with log rounds.  MY favorite is this adorable table by Emily Henderson.tree table


A Mission Style Hutch: 800549-1465945937-900682

Sometimes you just want more California in your life. I’ve never wanted a full Mission Style interior, and I think we’ve all been over large dark wood hutches for a while, but in the right space this could just shine!  Add some historical drama to your place instead of going for that  Mid Century Modern buffet.


An Ivory Camel Back Sofa:


Let’s bring that fancy back! Now I love a clean straight lined couch as much as the next guy, But that doesn’t have to be the answer for every room or home! A camel back sofa with scroll arms like this is such a great piece! Plus this one has sweet legs.

Throw it somewhere like this: Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.33.40 AM

Or reupholster it like this!Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.33.20 AM

Floral Sleeper Couch: 2789317-1465778558-758464

I know patterned sofas have been out of style for a while, mainly due to backlash from all that 80’s chintz.  But I think we’re ready to play with floral patterns again.  I can’t vouch for this fabric 100% since the picture’s quality isn’t the best.  But I bed this could be styled fun if you tried.  It’s such a simple easy shape to work with. Think of something like this: 2184164-Scarlett-and-Violet-Easy-Living-24jun14_Tom-Parker_b_426x639

Last but not least: Head to Arizona Tile in West Valley to get TONS of free wood and make yourself an easy free Pergola! I did it (with Andy’s help) and it’s the best! I wrote this post sitting under it!diy pergola

Happy Hunting everyone!  Let me know if you grab anything!


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