Picks of the Week: Utah Classifieds

Let me tell you about my usual evening routine before I go to bed.

After watching whatever random show Andy and I are into at the moment (Bob’s Burgers or Chef’s Table) Andy forces me to brush my teeth, I force myself to wash my face, we plug our phones in, turn on our twinkly lights above the bed, lay down, and look at our phones for 15 minutes or so.

I know, you’re not supposed to use your phone in bed, and I know, it supposedly keeps you awake, but it’s the best time for me to squeeze in my favorite phone activity: Checking the KSL Classifieds App for new stuff!

Seriously, if you live in Utah, and don’t have this App you’re missing out. It’s basically just the classifieds, but it’s organized so well and it’s easy to find things/see pictures/send texts to the sellers. I wish Craigslist would make a similar app so you don’t have to use your browser.

I usually do a quick scroll through of the “Free” section to see if there’s anything I have to grab the next day, I add it to my favorites and make a note to shoot the seller a text the next morning.

Then I just browse, sometimes looking for something specific in the search feed like “rattan” “Velvet” “birdcage”, or I scroll through whichever section strikes my fancy that night.

There are some really good deals but I don’t have the money or the space to get everything I think is worthwhile.  So I decided I’d start posting the stuff I think others should know about here on the blog.  Maybe I’ll make it a weekly thing, though lots of things sell out by the end of the week, so who knows how that will work.

Without further ado here are my favorites from the last couple of weeks (click the images to shop).

Enjoy! and let me know if you snag anything!


Ummm YAAASS  You can get this whole set for only $200 (before haggling.  I’ve been wanting a peacock chair for forever.  Please let me borrow it if you buy this.


Does anyone else think these slot chairs could be perfect in a brass accented white kitchen?2077567-1464104300-851807

I’m a sucker for velvet and rattan.  I would maybe throw just one of these chairs in a corner.1587283-1464272787-779311

I’ve had my eye on these theater seats for a while but I just can’t justify buying them.  Just think of the possibilities though! I wish I had a hallway I could put them in. 730298-1399580524-910528

The sweet simple design on these high backs gets me high.75911-1464226097-846743

A funky men’s dressing chair

men's dressing chair

This Rocking chair is super adorable and perfectly aged.


This mid century chair has some weird cushions going on, but the frame is pretty great.1099209-1463266887-580332

This supposedly real Saarinen chair for only $150 1099209-1464302123-372047

I could see these cute folding chapel chairs in some sweet quiet space. 2476345-1464320338-176902

Don’t ask me why I like this 80’s sleeper sofa.  Just try to imagine it somewhere stylin… can you see it?


So classic, so leather, so tufted. 170089-1464393967-662748


Let me know if there’s anything specific you’re looking for and I’ll keep my eye out 😉


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