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So We have this back room in our apartment, that was a later addition to the original old house.  It seems like it was a very hastily and cheaply built addition, with uneven discolored walls, and a patched ceiling.  We use most of the room as a sort of office for Andy mixed with straight up storage.  As such, the room is usually cluttered (which is why I didn’t take pictures of the rest of it) and not very pleasant.

About a year ago Andy and I bought an old 1910’s upright piano from some Piano movers for a great deal. This piano is HUGE guys,  it definitely overpowers the room and limits what else we can do with it, but it’s SUCH a beautiful old piano that we both love playing.  Old Piano

Here’s a before of the room. I know.  I’m embarrassed.storage room makeover

I can’t overhaul the entire room right now until we figure out how to better store our odds and ends, so I wanted to make at least the piano space of the room a pretty little music oasis. The gross white wall wasn’t doing it any favors (like a really gross white guys, like old laundry) but we aren’t allowed to paint.

My favorite apartment hack of fabricking walls came in handy here!  I’ve put fabric on my various apartment walls for years now, using starch (like this tutorial), tacks, or like this one: a staple gun.  (Also, aren’t Landlords so funny when they don’t care about nail holes but don’t want you to paint?!)

I picked out a pretty dark teal fabric from Joannes using one of their 50% off text coupons (such a great thing, sign up for their texts!) back when I was obsessed with rooms like this from A Beautiful Mess:6a00d8358081ff69e2019b050dd725970d-800wi



I wanted to do a fun (if small) gallery wall of my growing collection of thrift store art above the piano, but it feels far from finished.  I’m also on the hunt for a cute light we can put on top of the piano or a sconce for the wall directed just for fingers on keys.  gallery wall



The table runner that lays across the top I found on sale at Anthropologie and bought before I knew what for.  Of course it fits the width of the piano perfectly and even covers up some of the less attractive imperfections.  It’s one of my favorite things, such fun embroidery. IMG_2262



I’ve been waiting and waiting to post pictures about this space because I’m not really happy with it yet, but I’ve been trying more to appreciate the little bits my home has improved so I thought an incomplete but still cute space was ok to post about.


Like I said I’m always on the hunt for lights or other art so, ya know, wink wink, lemme know if you know of anything. 😉


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  1. Oooooh – that old piano is awesome!! And what you did with the space on top seriously follows the spirit of the Beautiful Mess pic you included really well. Haha, and I can’t believe that embroidered cover from Anthropologie fits so well. That’s ridiculous. Abe and my apartment feels so boring all of a sudden…hehe 😉

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