April is just the best isn’t it? After a wild March that psychs you out as to whether winter really will end or not, April feels so optimistic and full of promise.

If you follow my instagram at all you know that I’m a plant lover.  I owe that to my Gorgeous Gardener Grandmother, and my fabulous mother.  My grandma taught me to memorize the names of flowers and make flower babies, and I can’t count the number of hours I spent outside in the garden with my mom, memorizing poems as we weeded.

I’ve stopped gardening since leaving home since I’ve never really had a space of my own to play with.  It’s hard when you’re in an apartment isn’t it?  I don’t want to plant some beautiful lilac bush or rows of veggies that I can’t take with me when we eventually leave. I’m also sort of intimidated of starting a garden of my own.  They take so much time and work!  Last Summer was lovely laying out on the hammock while wanda ran around chasing bugs, but I was too scared to really clean up and make something of the wild yard which we share with other tenants.

We have a small patio Right out our backdoor that some renter before us made. They didn’t lay the brick very well and it’s sort of all falling apart but I’m determined to make it our little corner of the yard.

I’ve got a lot of plans in the process I’ll post about but right now I’m just having fun searching the web and dreaming of the beautiful garden things I can’t afford.

Did you know that Antrhopologie has created a new garden store?!?! It’s called Terrain and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Why haven’t they done this before?! As Anthro always does they take the best styles of different periods and unites them all in a site that just exudes beauty.

Here are my faves, but check out the site for yourself.

Planters: I’m seeing possibilities for some DIY knock offs here. (click photo’s for links)

wood rope teak round marbled hobnail

Tools: The Comfortmeter is pretty great, and is that not the most beautiful spade in the world?

therm mister petal aladin trans copp

Furniture and Decor: Those string lights are next level, and don’t forget the citronella candles!

teak citron zinc cafe light javan

What outdoor style are you loving lately?


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