Things Done: Sister Date

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Chloe and I went out on an uncharacteristic sister date a couple weeks ago.  Usually sister dates for us involve making plans for all the fun projects we want to do and swapping new music.  Though those are great hang outs, we decided to try something new and signed up for a Harmon’s grocer cooking class.

Pasta Making.Harmon's cooking class

It really wasn’t half as hard as we thought it’d be… and by that I mean making something that somewhat resembled the look and taste of pasta wasn’t too difficult… OK so we didn’t master it overnight.  It was still fun. IMG_1394

We made some friends with a couple who apparently does these classes like all the time.  Two thumbs up to their relationship.  IMG_1393


Making Pasta

Look how pretty it turned out?!
making your own pasta

You can find a list of Harmon’s upcoming cooking classes Here.

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