Wednesdays We Wear…


Valentine’s day may be over but my love for that rose hue definitely isn’t.  On lame days pink does the trick to fix, whether it calms, warms, excites or inspires.  Pink is always a remedy.

Pink FpPark-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_035GHC-84main.original.640x0ctumblr_m3mxfbXdA51qi7ciyo1_500tumblr_nnlbl2IdK91qbes12o1_1280Rachel-Comey-NYC-Fashion-Interior-Design-3Pink Outfit21-times-pink-and-blue-rooms-made-us-swoon-1613426-1452042753.640x0c

Links are in Images, or you can find them on my Pink Pinterest Board.

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